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The best protection against cancer is early detection

Prevention is a method that helps to lower the risk of getting cancer by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet, avoiding exposure to known cancer-causing substances, and taking medicines or vaccines to prevent cancer from developing.

Screening means checking your body for cancer before you notice any symptoms and screening tests help in detecting breast, cervical, colorectal (colon) and prostate cancers.

What is Cancer Screening and Why is it Important to Do?

A Cancer screening can detect cancer early, enabling complete cure, quicker and more effective treatment. Screening tests are useful for finding cancer before symptoms appear. Early detection of abnormal tissue or cancer makes the treatment easier, simpler and can preserve organs. Smaller operations will suffice. Avoids chemotherapy and some type of cancers can be treated with radiation alone if detected early, thus avoiding major surgeries.

At Horizon Cancer Care, we provide:
  • Breast cancer screening
  • Cervix & gynaecological cancer screening
  • Colon cancer screening
  • Prostate cancer screening
  • Lung cancer screening & more
  • Oral and throat cancer screening
Prevention: Manage Your Risk

Horizon's cancer-eradication strategy emphasizes prevention. Making good lifestyle choices, getting checked, and vaccinating your children can lower your and your family's cancer risk.

At Horizon Cancer Care, we reduce the risk of cancer by providing assistance on

  • Smoking and Tobacco
  • Diet
  • Physical activity
  • Skin safety
  • Ovarian cancer risk reduction
  • Viral Hepatitis & Cancer
Why Choose Horizon Cancer Care?
  • Early detection
  • Cancer prevention vaccines for cervical & liver cancers
  • Get educated to reduce cancer risk
  • Counselling on hereditary cancer risk
  • Access to screening tests & genetic tests
  • Risk reduction dietary advice
  • Organ preserving operations
  • Fertility preserving operations
  • Holistic & Comprehensive Cancer Treatment
  • Industry-leading Cancer Physicians
  • More than two Decades of Expertise
  • Affordable Treatment
  • Personalized Treatment

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